Why train with Smudge-free?

Why train in semi-permanent cosmetics with Smudge-free?

Our training is on a one-to-one basis giving you maximum hands-on experience and 100% dedication from tutor to student. Choosing the right training school is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. You need to know that they are using the latest digitally-controlled equipment and that their pigments all carry a hygiene and toxicology certificate. This denotes the safety level of pigments and is crucial in keeping allergic reactions due to pigments applied to an absolute minimum. When choosing a trainer, ask to see their certificates and check that they are up to date. If not, they will not have mastered the latest developments in the industry and therefore cannot possibly pass them on to you.


trainingYou are training with one of the leading educators in the field of semi-permanent cosmetics

Andrew is accredited by BABTAC, Habia and other major insurers. He is one of the premier technicians and trainers in the semi-permanent cosmetics industry, so you can rest assured that you are in the hands of a highly respected professional. His work is highly acclaimed internationally, and is often used in industry publications to create awareness in new technique development. Andrew is often asked to collaborate with manufacturers in updating and developing products and equipment. He holds two training licences, as well as distribution rights from two of the world’s leading manufacturers for the semi-permanent cosmetics industry.

The very high standard of his work and training methods will give you the best foundation you can possibly get. The results of Andrew’s techniques in applying pigment can be seen throughout this website, where all the photographs are of work carried out by Andrew, or his technicians during their training with Smudge-free.

We use the highest quality products on the market with tried and tested techniques.

Andrew is involved in developing, and uses, the most sophisticated digital equipment and products which have been developed by the world’s leading manufacturers in Germany and across Europe. Andrew’s latest equipment, the Derma Master, has a hand-piece which works with a microprocessor control unit to sense variations in skin tissue density and adjust itself to ensure an even implantation of pigment.

Smudge-free after-care and support

Once your training is complete, our renowned on-going support is available whenever you need us, either via our website or until late in the evening on the telephone should you need to talk to us urgently. If we can’t answer there and then, just leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you require further reassurance about our training and on-going support, please feel free to talk to any Smudge-free trained technicians and students in progress to hear what they have to say about training with us.

If required, we can supply you with marketing materials such as posters and brochures at a very reasonable price. However, we would recommend that you produce your own marketing material, including your own before and after images, as this is a true representation of your skills. All necessary consumables, eg. needles, pigments, etc. associated with the industry can be purchased through Smudge-free.

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