Train using the latest technology

NEW MACHINETrain using the latest Technology – Derma Medical ll with hand-piece 

As a Smudge-free student you will be trained using the most sophisticated and advanced system available to date. The Derma Medical II together with our precisely engineered hand-piece, forms the most powerful digital machine for semi-permanent makeup application. This microprocessor controlled unit is the brain which governs the hand-piece. A powerful unit with excellent frequency stability ensures constant, even torque throughout your procedures without loss of power.

Our hand-piece and safety needle cartridge

The hand-piece has a full 2mm stroke, which means there is no drag or tearing of the skin when you need to lengthen the needle for fine work such as tapering the eyelash enhancement in the inner corners of the eyes. The needles are driven by piston action making the stroke more powerful than the conventional straight hand-piece. This makes pigment implantation faster, smoother and less traumatic, resulting in no scabbing, less pigment loss, therefore fewer retouches. This makes our machine unrivalled by any other available. The hand-piece uses a specially patented single-use only disposable needle cartridge and has a unique sensor and communication system with the computerised control unit which regulates the needle pressure as it encounters varying skin density so an even implantation of pigment is achieved.


Perfect Liner pigmentsPigments pic

The pigments we use at Smudge-free are manufactured to meet the highest standards set by the regulators. They are of pharmaceutical grade and have a long standing history of excellent colour-retaining capabilities. They have a particle size of between 6-8 microns so that they remain inert in the dermal layers and contain the purest ingredients which help to prevent allergic reactions occurring. Many eyebrow pigments currently in circulation have very poor colour retention, and over a short period of time they tend to change to their undertone colour. This means that a once nice medium brown or an ash blonde will turn apricot orange. Although this is a common problem with many semi-permanent makeup pigments, especially when the wrong choice of pigment is used in the first place, our Perfect Liner pigments have been carefully blended and their mixing formulas are very reliable.

Our eyebrow pigments especially have predominantly cool undertones which minimise colour-change significantly. The pigments we use have been in use for over 30 years and have an excellent reliability record with no recorded cases of allergic reactions. A popular range of colour pigments for eyes, lips and eyebrows will be supplied to you as part of your business kit.

What the business kit includes

The business kit includes everything you need to carry out your own semi-permanent makeup procedures:

• A full and comprehensive training manual which has been expertly written by Andrew Stassi

• The Derma Medical II with precisely engineered hand-piece

• A selection of needle cartridges

• Practise materials

• Assorted colour pigments

• Pigment pots

• Pigment pot holder

• Sharps container for the disposal of needles

• After-care sachets

• Sterilising equipment

• Barrier film.

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