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Is Semi-permanent Cosmetics for me?

ImageAre you looking to add a high-end quality treatment to your salon’s list of services, or perhaps looking for a completely new career with a very high earning potential?

At Smudge-Free we offer a very high level of intensive training which is all carried out on a one-to-one basis. This allows for maximum hands-on experience, plus 100% dedication from tutor to student.

If you’re not sure whether Semi-permanent Make-up is for you, why not come and try the machine and discover whether you have an artistic flare waiting to come to life? Semi Permanent Make-up is not about being a beautician it’s about being creative, having an eye for detail and an artistic flare!

For a small investment you can spend a few hours with Andrew Stassi who is one of the UK’s leading experts and get a feel for the industry before spending thousands then realising it isn’t for you. If you then decide to train with Smudge-Free, the small fee paid will go towards the cost of your course.

Many therapists are drawn into becoming Micropigmentation technicians purely because of the financial gains. A good Semi-permanent Make-up technician can earn an absolute fortune with the help of a good marketing strategy. With only a few hours work per week you could earn more than someone who works 9 – 5 for a whole month! But this should not be the primary reason you choose this career - hence why we have so many sub-standard technicians producing less than desirable work.

Image Have you got what it takes to earn £1000’s per month in just a few hours?

At Smudge-Free we believe in producing A1 technicians who will be a credit to our industry, not a hindrance.

If you are not sure whether Semi Permanent Make-up is for you then we can help you to make the right decision. We feel it would be best for you to try the machine first so you can get a better understanding of the industry and what it involves.

Why not spend a few hours with Andrew Stassi of Smudge-Free who is recognised as one of the UK’s premier trainers and technicians before realising you have wasted thousands and that it really isn’t for you after all?

Andrew will spend a few hours with you in the form of a mini lesson where you will both discover whether you have the aptitude to make a good technician and potentially be earning £1000’s per month. His opinion will be honest and together you will both be able to see if you have got what it takes. You will be guided through various techniques and you will be able to see before your eyes, there and then, if you have ‘the hidden talent’. A good technician is not about being a good beautician. This requires a steady hand, a critical eye for detail and an artistic flair! Everything else you will learn during the course.

A small investment could save you a fortune in the long run!

For a small investment you will discover if you are making the right decision since so many people go through the training then realise it isn’t for them and that they are not cut out for the job. If you’ve made the wrong decision your machine and the kit then just stay in the cupboard losing you an average cost of approximately £6,500.

We feel it is better that you invest a small amount before realising it’s a total waste of your money, so we invite you to ‘Try before you buy!’

A morning’s training exercise will cost you £500.00 where you can also receive a Semi-permanent Make-up procedure of your choice at a reduced rate if you wish. We feel this is the best way for you make an informed decision. If you then decide to book the course, the initial investment will be deducted from the course cost, so in effect you get a free treatment and a free lesson, but most of all, you will be safe in the knowledge that you have definitely made the right decision.

We would love you to join our string of successful technicians and this can only be achieved with thorough training from a highly skilled trainer who has mastered the techniques and who has an in-depth understanding of the Industry. With Smudge-Free you will be using the latest developments in equipment, products and techniques. The best investment you will ever make is finding the right tutor to train you.

Our after-support is renowned and we are always there to help you when you need us most. We are available 24/7 through our website and till late in the evening on the telephone so you can talk to us direct. If we can’t answer there and then, just leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. This is an area where others fail because they are too busy! We are so confident that we deliver our promises, so feel free to talk to some of our technicians and students in progress and hear what they have to say about training with Smudge-Free. This will be your best endorsement. You will not be disappointed! Click on Testimonials above to read what technicians have to say about our courses.

Now why not enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee and take the time to browse through our training section and the rest of our website. We are sure you will have many questions which we hope we have the answers to. You may want to come back to view our pages again so please save our website in your favourites where you can instantly find us at the click-of-a-mouse.

Happy reading!


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