Scalp micropigmentation course

Danielle Price - Scalp micropigmentation training

Danielle Price – Scalp micropigmentation training

Scalp micropigmentation for male pattern baldness – stubble simulation – thinning hair on men and women (Book now)

Scalp micropimentation has become very popular in the last few years and for the experienced technician, it is definitely a treatment worth offering to your clients.
The treatment itself requires a lot of patience and good eyesight as well as stamina.
It can be very tiring for the technician and for the client as it is a lengthy process.

On average, a whole head for male pattern baldness can take between six and eight hours and regular breaks are recommended. For the advanced technician we offer a specialised course in scalp micropigmentation. The course is run over a 3-day period and you will learn various techniques. You will be asked to provide at least two models which will also be your case studies to complete once you have completed tour practical training days.

If you are a beginner wishing to specialise in scalp micropigmentation only, the course will run over 4-days which can be broken into separate training days, with an assessment day after you have fully completed your model’s treatments.

You will be asked to provide the minimum of two models and you will be working on these during your course. The nature of this treatment must allow for breaks every 30 minutes so as to protect the technician from repetitive strain injury (RSI) and to maximise client comfort and to minimise fatigue. We do not recommend more than two hours on each model per session and regular refreshments should be provided. No treatment should be carried out on a client who has not eaten.

Male scalp tattooing -  training course

Male scalp tattooing – training course

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