Meso – Derma stamp (Course includes handpiece, needles and serums)

What is Meso micro needling?

Meso micro needling is an advanced anti-ageing treatment which is used to soften lines and wrinkles by creating new collagen and is very effective against stretch marks and acne scarring.

The treatment is carried out by using the machine which was included in your training course.This additional treatment will make your machine more versatile to maximise its use and the income from it. Once you have trained with Smudge-free you may also like to think about adding this lucrative treatment to your list of treatments that offer to your clients.

The treatment is carried out by using a specially designed needle cartridge which fits onto your hand piece and is used to stimulate collagen production by causing minute trauma to the skin. The natural healing process will start the formation of new collagen which tones and tightens the skin

The treatments efficacy is maximised with the sue of skin topicals and vitamins and hyluronic acid which is a natural occurring substance within the human body and every living cell.

We offer two course in Microneedling, a beginners and advanced course (see course pricing)

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