Beginners semi-permanent cosmetics course (Including machine and kit)

Lucy Pinder with lip model

Lucy Pinder with lip model

Beginner’s Semi Permanent Cosmetics Course for Eyes, Lips and Eyebrows (apply now)

Smudge-free’s bespoke training programmes are specially tailored one-to-one training courses for maximum hands-on experience, plus 100% dedication from tutor to student. Andrew Stassi of Smudge-free has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, and has trained with the highest accredited educators, pioneers and manufacturers in the field and has been awarded an array of qualifications by them.

During the Smudge-free semi permanent cosmetics course (excluding trial lesson), Andrew will help you compile a professional portfolio which will be required so your prospective clients can view your before and after images. Your portfolio will be the best marketing tool for your business. Our beginner’s course in semi-permanent cosmetics will teach you how to create truly stunning procedures with ease and minimal discomfort to your clients. Smudge-free have developed techniques which are now practised by many in the industry, including those who have completed our refresher courses to update their equipment and skills.

The Smudge-free beginners semi permanent cosmetics course runs over a four-day period which is broken down into modules so you get a feel for the techniques and complete your case study for each module in between. We feel that too much, too quickly is overwhelming, as you need time to grasp certain aspects of the course. We do not put our students under pressure but there is a lot of theory to learn in between modules, and we do encourage them to put in the practice hours as best results will only be achieved when maximum effort is applied.

The days will be scheduled depending on your progress, but in any case the first two days will run consecutively.

Lucy Pinder trains with Andrew Stassi

Lucy Pinder trains with Andrew Stassi

Day – 1 Eyebrow techniques

Theory in semi-permanent cosmetics • How to conduct a consultation • How to fill out medical history and release forms, and understanding their importance • Setting up of equipment • Sanitation and sterilisation before equipment use • Machine controls, hand-piece and needle adjustment • Learning different eyebrow techniques on simulated skin material • Observing treatments by Andrew Stassi or a Smudge-free trainer • Live models for eyebrow procedures• Eyebrow design • Discussions.

Day – 2 Lip Techniques

Lip technique practise • Colour theory • Morphology of the face • Face shapes and settings • Understanding skin-tones and under-tones • A guide to colour mixing, warming and cooling • Photography • Preparation of client for lip procedures • Adjustment of asymmetrical lips • Choosing the correct colour • Practise on live models • Observing correct gripping technique • Discussions.

Day – 3 Eyeliner Techniques

Eye technique practise • More theory and practise • Preparing client for lash-line procedure • Beauty mark • More practical and theory • Learning correct eyeliner and lash-line gripping techniques • Correct needle adjustment • Correct depth for tapering eyeliner procedure • Practicing eyeliner and lash-line enhancement on live models • Discussions.

Day – 4 Assessment and Marketing

Revision • Business marketing and strategy • Assessment • Discussions

(Day 3 will be scheduled only when you have independently completed five case studies of each discipline in eyebrows and lips, to ensure you have gained sufficient experience in  recognising needle depth).       



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