Karli Wheeler – Student

Karli Wheeler – Student

Karli Wheeler – Student

After seeing my work, people ask me how have I learnt such amazing techniques and what made me choose smudge-free? I tell them quite simply that once I had decided I wanted to take a different path in my career I researched the industry for months and kept finding myself drawn back to Andrew’s work and teaching methods.

I could not find another trainer that was ticking the boxes that Andrew was. His one on one training and direct approach have made me far more confident than I ever knew I could be.

I know people in the same field of work and they are asking me for advice because they know I was trained by Andrew Stassi. I wasn’t handed a certificate after a few days of training and then left to go it alone; It has taken a lot of hard work, but Andrew was there through every step and without his aftercare, help and guidance I don’t think I would be producing the level of work that I am now had chosen someone else to teach me!
Anybody that is thinking of choosing a career in micro-pigmentation needs to see Andrew; I cannot pinpoint a particular reason as every aspect of my training has been remarkable and his methods are second to none. I will definitely be training with him further in the very near future!
Thank you Andrew, not only for changing my career to something I am in love with and look forward to doing, but you’ve helped me change my life!

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