Stretch marks

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custom writingwrite my essayWhat are stretch marks?

Known as stria with a whitish silvery appearance, this is a condition which affects men and women. The marks are thin areas of skin which have appeared due to the break-down of collagen and elastin fibres in the dermis, mainly caused by increased stretching over a short period of time, such as during pregnancy, drastic weight gain and even weight loss. Stretch marks can have severe psychological effects for many of their sufferers.

These marks can be greatly reduced with strategically targeted skin treatments, and Smudge-free use their own methods and techniques in order to encourage the skin to reproduce more collagen and elastin fibres in those specific regions. Our treatment can also change the slivery whitish marks to a more complementing tone to match the surrounding skin by encouraging melanin production as well as collagen.

MCA, known as Multi-Trepanic Collagen Actuation (a dry needling technique used to stimulate collagen production and melanin in the dermis) can have some good effect on these areas and the use of skin-tone pigments can camouflage them to a degree. The treatment is not recommended for people who suffer with keloid scarring or have hyperpigmentation as this will encourage more melanin production during the treatment, thus resulting in darker patches. Results will vary from client to client and this is reliant on many factors such as age of the person, condition of the skin, diet, natural healing capabilities and so on.

The treatment area is numbed first with a topical anaesthetic cream for 30 minutes. The treatment takes about an hour, including anaesthetic time, and the treatment has been described as a rough tickle rather than painful. The images show the results of a treatment over four sessions to achieve the desired results.

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