Lipliner, lipliner and shading, full lip colouring

Lip liner and shading - before

Lip liner and shading – before

Lip tattooing

‘Luscious lips’, ‘sexy kissable lips’ – these are terms used over and over again about the most sensual feature of our face. Full lips are a sign of youth and ooze sex appeal. Wherever you look, be it TV, glossy magazines or on the catwalk, lips are full and sexy. Let’s face it, if we had a choice, we would all have the perfectly defined mouth with a sensual vermillion border.

Whether are you looking for a natural, soft liner to enhance the border of your lips or whether you want a look that is more vibrant, thanks to semi-permanent makeup, all these cosmetic enhancements are now possible. With the ever increasing popularity of these specialist treatments, new pigments and advanced techniques have been developed to allow for creating that perfect look. Andrew Stassi’s techniques in lip contour and colour application can give you the perfect shape that’s right for you! Lip-liner, Lip-liner and Shading The primary purpose of these procedures is to establish even and more pronounced borders, and correct or enhance the shape of the lips to create balance and symmetry.


Lips - enhance, defined and made to appear fuller

Lips – enhance, defined and made to appear fuller

This procedure simulates lipstick colour, or can be used to intensify the colour of the lips to give them a full natural-looking blush which you can choose to finish with a coat of lip gloss. The attraction of semi-permanent lip colour is its convenience, beauty and natural appearance.

Full lip colour - before treatment

Full lip colour – before treatment







Full Lipstick colour using a pigment of your choice  

We can custom-blend any shade of your choice to make the lips appear larger and fuller, and can prevent your lipstick from bleeding. The photographs show uneven lips that have been balanced, blushed and given volume to create a youthful appearance.




Full lip colour - after treatment

Full lip colour – after treatment

The bottom two pictures show how our client has had her lips contoured to define the outline and colour has been blushed through the lips. The only thing you’ll have to apply after this procedure is a flick of gloss and you’re off!


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