Eyelash enhancement, eyeliner – subtle, thick, latino

Eyeliner - before

Eyeliner – before

Eyeliner Tattooing and Eyelash Enhancement

The eyes are often referred to as ‘the windows to the soul’. They can be our most attractive feature so why not keep them alive and alluring all of the time? Semi-permanent makeup can revitalise tired eyes and bring back their lost sparkle. Pigment which has been expertly applied can also create an anti-ageing appearance. The pigment can be applied as subtly or as dramatically as the client prefers. However, we will establish the right look and choice of colour to suit your face and eye structure before any treatment is carried out.

Subtle lash enhancement is a procedure for those who do not want the distinctive look of fully made up eyes, but prefer an appearance of thicker lash density, resulting in a more natural look. The treatment is carried out by placing tiny dots along the lash line at varying depths to produce a peppered effect, rather than hundreds of identical dots.

Thick eyeliner tattooing is for those who prefer a bolder look around the eyes and is better suited to the woman who wouldn’t dare leave home without eyeliner and mascara already in place. Whether you are looking for subtle and natural or dramatic, a striking latino eyeliner effect, it can all be achieved by strategic placement ofthe pigments.

Tired eyes can be given a new lease of life by skilfully placing the pigments to give the effect of lifting and opening the eyes, giving a more youthful appearance.

Eyeliner - after

Eyeliner – after

Many different types of look can be achieved using a wide choice of colours and shades and this will be discussed during your consultation prior to treatment. The photographs demonstrate eyeliner of a medium thickness to fully define the eyes. The procedure was carried out using a three round cluster needle.

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