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Semi-permanent makeup, permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing, technically known as micropigmentation, is a process whereby minute particles of inert (remain stagnant) iron oxide colour pigments in a carrier solution are implanted into the dermal layers of the skin. This is achieved by using a specially designed hand–piece which utilises a single-use only, disposable needle cartridge. Depending on which features of the face are to be enhanced, the implantation depth will vary approximately between 1 mm and 2 mm. The procedure is very safe and medically approved and is fast becoming one of the most requested treatments in the beauty industry.

The pigments used at Smudge-free have been in use for over 30 years and to date there have been no recorded cases of allergic reactions. The procedure takes about an hour and is made comfortable with the use of a topical anesthetic cream. The effects of semi-permanent makeup can remain in the skin between one and three years and sometimes longer. The result achieved is stunning, Smudge-free makeup that looks great, all day – every day! Semi-permanent makeup which has been carefully applied can give the impression of rejuvenation and even as far to say as a mini face lift. Always have these procedures carried out by a reputable technician and remember, these treatments are long-lasting so should be regarded as permanent.

Semi-permanent makeup for womenEyebrows correctly placed can give the impression of a mini face lift or brow lift.
Andrew’s expertise and critical eye for detail can help you look 10 years younger without going under the knife! Lips which have depleted over the years through the breakdown of collagen can be given a lush sexy pout with the clever use of pigments and shading techniques to restore volume and balance without the use of dermal filler injections. Eyes that have become tired-looking can be made to appear alive and inviting by carefully placing pigment in the lash-line, both top and bottom. Even men can benefit from the procedure by way of the dot placement technique.

Prior to any treatment a consultation will be conducted and during this time a client-consent form will have to be filled in and signed by the client who is to receive the treatment. Andrew will take you through a thorough and informative consultation answering any questions or concerns which you may have regarding semi-permanent cosmetics treatment(s). During your consultation you can view before and after’ pictures while discussing your preferred enhancements. You can even try a ‘mock’ appearance to see how your procedure will look. On the client’s consent form we will also keep a record of pigments used and any formulas which were mixed for future retouches. Andrew will never carry out any procedure without your full consent. He will advise you which ‘look’ suits you best and will even create a flattering anti-ageing appearance on depleted lips and cantered eyebrows.

The blending of pigments will be expertly selected by Andrew who is one of the industry’s highly reputable trainers. Since hair and skin tones play an important part in the final colour stage it is vital the correct choice is made to complement the overall appearance. ‘Before and after’ pictures will be taken during the treatment session so you can see the incredible difference that expertly applied semi-permanent cosmetics procedures can make. Finally, this point cannot be stressed enough and will be repeated many times throughout our website. These procedures are long-lasting so they should be taken very seriously indeed. Although we use the term semi-permanent because of eventual pigment breakdown, they should be regarded as permanent so always choose a highly recommended technician, preferably by someone who has had an enhancement from them.

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