Scalp micropigmentation/stubble simulation

Hair transplant scar - before

Hair transplant scar – before

Scalp micropigmentation

A high percentage of men will develop androgenic alopecia as young as in their early 20’s. Male pattern baldness is a hereditary condition and causes many males severe distress and a drop in confidence levels.

Thankfully there is a remedy apart from the traditionally known hair transplant whereby either a strip graft is taken from the ‘stable’ hairline, usually at the back of the head; or the more recent individual follicular graft method.

Micropigmentation has been used successfully to create a shaved head appearance or ‘buzz look’ as some would call it. When carried out correctly the results are very lifelike, but choosing the right technician is paramount. Andrew Stassi has been practising scalp micropigmentation for many years and the results are very convincing. The treatment requires strategic placement of tiny dots in the same way and growth pattern in which the client’s hair grows naturally, in order to keep the ‘effect’ the same.

This treatment can be used for patches of alopecia and on sparse moustache and beard to create a more dense appearance of facial hair. We will carry out a patch test first in an inconspicuous area about the size of a penny to see how the treated area responds to the pigment as in some cases 

Hair transplant scar - after

Hair transplant scar – after

there can be a slight migration of pigment. We allow four weeks to see the healed results and once we are both happy, then treatment process can begin. We work in two hourly slots with breaks in between. Due to high risk of repetitive strain injury, it is important that the technician has regular breaks and as a client, it is important that you are well hydrated and have eaten prior to treatment. You will also have breaks in between your treatment to ensure fatigue does not set in.

A full scalp treatment is usually around six to eight hours and the treatment is charged at an hourly rate. Once the treatment is complete you will be asked to come back in four weeks to see if the treatment needs to be enhanced, further.

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