Lash enhancement

Eyelash Enhancement - after

Eyelash enhancement – after

Eyelash enhancement for men

For male eyelash enhancement the pigment can be applied as subtly or as dramatic as the client prefers. However, we will establish the right look and choice of colour to suit your face and eye structure before any treatment is carried out. This procedure is for men who do not want the distinctive look of made up eyes, but a mere framing of the eyes and an appearance of  lash density, resulting in a more natural enhancement.This procedure is suitable for men who are very much in the public eye, be it TV, modelling, sports personalities or simply anyone who wants to look their best.
The eyelash enhancement for men is carried out by placing tiny dots along the lash line at varying depths to produce a peppered effect to mimic the appearance of real eye lashes. The following images show the eye lash enhancement procedure on a male. This client is a professional model and required a very subtle enhancement in the lash area. The treatment was carried out using the ‘dot placement’ technique and a three round cluster needle whereby tiny dots where placed along and in between the lashes to give the desired effect. His eyes stand out and appear framed although the overall appearance still remains natural and masculine. This subtle treatment will heal in just a few days and will appear very natural. See pics of before, after and close-up
Eyelash enhancement - after

Eyelash enhancement – after

Eyelash enhancement Close-up - after

Close-up – after

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