Eyebrow Tattooing for Men

Eyebrows – before

Men are opting for eyebrow tattooing too!

Eyebrow Tattooing for Men, If you thought looking good was just for women, think again!

Men are also taking great pride in their appearance and are not afraid to show the fact that they are just as aware of looking good as women. Eyebrow Tattooing and other Semi-permanent cosmetics procedures can be of great benefit to them too. With so much pressure around us in the media every day, be it television, advertising campaigns and glossy magazines to look our best, we are turning to all avenues to receive the best possible services and treatments.

Some males also experience the problem of eyebrow hair falling out as they age. They too can benefit from eyebrow tattooing for men using the hair-stroke technique. The final results will be undetectable and will still remain very masculine. During your consultation at Smudge-free, we will establish the most flattering shape for your bone structure to give you the most anti-ageing effect. For example, this can be created by lifting a droopy brow and creating a youthful arch in a custom-blended colour to enhance your features.

The Beauty Industry in the UK alone is worth a staggering £3.7 billion a year and Eyebrow Tattooing for men and other semi-permanent cosmetic procedures is a growing facet which forms this overall statistic. Men’s beauty and anti-ageing products such as eyebrow tattooing are strategically marketed at men has had a tremendous effect in boosting their spending on such products.

Eyebrows - after

Eyebrows – after

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