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Semi-permanent makeup for menSemi-permanent makeup for menMen are opting for it too!If you thought looking good was just for women, think again!

Men are also taking great pride in their appearance and are not afraid to show the fact that they are just as aware of looking good as women. Semi-permanent cosmetics procedures can be of great benefit to them too. With so much pressure around us in the media every day, be it television, advertising campaigns and glossy magazines to look our best, we are turning to all avenues to receive the best possible services and treatments. The Beauty Industry in the UK alone is worth a staggering £3.7 billion a year and semi-permanent cosmetics is a growing facet which forms this overall statistic. Men’s beauty and anti-ageing products strategically marketed at men has had a tremendous effect in boosting their spending on such products. Andrew Stassi first launched the Smudge-free website in 2003 being the first to openly market semi-permanent cosmetics procedures for men. Now every other company has followed suit and is doing the same. Smudge-free receive many enquiries about Andrew’s work for men and they feel that a man’s approach to a male enhancement would be far more ‘natural looking’ due to the fact that men don’t ordinarily wear makeup. The results of his work are indeed subtle and still remain very masculine. Andrew’s work has been featured in industry publications overseas when the topic of ‘Semi-permanent cosmetics for men’ was being covered. His work was chosen for its subtleness and his approach to a ‘natural look’. Journalists often get in touch with him through the Smudge-free website asking for permission to use material content and for interviews. Male treatments range from eyebrow recreation, lash line enhancement, right through to the more confidence boosting procedures such as hairline recreation, Ssar correction, alopecia, vitiligo and so on. On this page are just a few examples where semi-permanent cosmetics has been very beneficial to men in both the paramedical arena as well as cosmetic.

Andrew is also an aesthetics medicine practitioner of minimally invasive anti ageing procedures such as dermal fillers, meso therapy, derma roller, and muscle relaxing injections more commonly known as Botox.

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