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Barbara Clark chooses Smudge-Free
for her new Micropigmentation career


Barbara Clark became a household name when she won her battle to victory after challenging the NHS when she took them to the European High Court of Human Rights. Barbara developed the most aggressive type of breast cancer in 2005 and without the life-saving drug, Herceptin, she only had a 14% chance of survival. Now thanks to her victory, not only have her chances increased to 52%, but 10,000 other breast cancer sufferers will also benefit.

Since her battle with breast cancer Barbara knew she would have to reduce her stress- load to a minimum and so had to give up her much loved nursing career. She researched the market with much intent in the hope of finding a career that she would enjoy, paid well and that she could put her creative flare to use and so she decided to try her hand at Micropigmentation.

After many months of researching the Semi-permanent Make-up industry she compiled a shortlist of whom she perceived to be the best trainers in the country and she finally decided to train with Andrew Stassi of Smudge-Free. Opposite you can see Barbara in action as she almost finishes her model’s Lash-enhancement procedure during her third Module.

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