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Andrew StassiSmudge-free are specialists in the field of minimally invasive anti-ageing treatments such as micropigmentation otherwise known as semi-permanent makeup/cosmetics (better known in the US and Europe as permanent makeup), dermal fillers, meso-therapy, derma roller, and muscle-relaxing injections (commonly known as Botox). Listed as one of the high-end providers in both treatments and training, Smudge-free is a well-known reputable and trusted brand in this field.

Smudge-free was founded by Andrew Stassi in 2003. Since entering the industry, Andrew has trained with the highest accredited educators, pioneers and manufacturers in the field, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has been awarded an array of qualifications and, due to his high standards and in-depth knowledge, he currently holds training and distribution rights from two of the world’s most respected companies in this field. Andrew has developed and mastered techniques which have proved over the years to give a more realistic and aesthetically pleasing result, and this can be evidenced by testimonials and references from both clients and students alike. He is a consultant for a 2nd term for micropigmentation too, and accredited by Habia, a governing body setting occupational funny debate topics list standards for the hair and beauty industry within the UK and Europe. A pioneer in his own right, Andrew is now in the process of developing a range of equipment for the industry to include needles, digital machines, hand pieces and pigments, to be launched soon.

In 2004 Andrew began to train other technicians in the art of semi-permanent makeup and he is internationally recognised as one of the industry’s leading trainers. His training courses are also accredited by BABTAC and other major organisations. His critical eye for detBABTACail and artistic flair have led to his being asked to regularly contribute articles to industry publications, as well as to the national press and high-end glossy magazines. He has also made TV appearances on the subject. 
Andrew’s aspiration and thirst for knowledge in the anti-ageing industry led him to train in advanced facial aesthetics, and he began offering dermal filler injections in 2007, followed by meso-therapy, derma roller and more recently, muscle relaxing injections (Botox).
Andrew is fully insured and licensed to offer all the above treatments. He updates his skills periodically by sharing innovations and techniques with some of the UK’s leading trainers, and advises how to write a critical analysis paper leading European manufacturers and developers in the semi-permanent cosmetics industry on improving product functions.
He also regularly consults with the licensing departments of local authorities regarding the micropigmentation occupational guidelines, which he was instrumental in compiling with Habia on the Expert Working Group.

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